Coronavirus PPE Risk Assessment

Practical guidance to mitigate risk

We have been fighting against Coronavirus since December, which, to date, has claimed over 16,000 lives in the UK. The unprecedented virus means we need to be responsive to any risks and ensure service users remain safe. MAG, as the leading compliance management system for the healthcare sector have therefore prepare a Step by Step Guide on Coronavirus PPE Risk Assessment that allows you to control any potential hazards within your workplace.

This step by step guide to producing a practical risk assessment and the key aspects to consider. Including, useful tips to take into consideration when completing an assessment concerning Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the current Coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus PPE Risk Assessment?

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Meeting Regulation 12 of the Health and Social Care Act

In assessing the risks within an organisation, providers are adhering to Regulation 12, Safe Care and Treatment, of the Health and Social Care Act. This regulation states that the provider must assess the risks to the health and safety of service users who receive care and treatment and do everything that is reasonably practical to mitigate these risks. By utilising this guide, it will ensure that all aspects of the risk assessment process are fully completed to ensure service users remain safe.

How MAG can help you further with quality improvement

MAG’ risk assessment module can further support with this process and allows providers to ensure all aspects of the risk assessment process are fully achieved. The module provides a risk assessment platform which houses all the key features required to complete a robust and sufficient risk assessment. In addition, MAG provide:

  • Fully compliant English policies, procedures and supporting documents
  • Mock inspection toolkits reflecting the five key questions
  • Satisfaction Surveys for Service Users, Relatives, Staff and Visiting Professionals using the Health and Social Care Standards