Pedal Gel Dispenser


• Manufactured for Gyms, Showrooms, Work Place, Factories
• Dispatched within 5 days
• Installation Available


MAG dispensers ensure cleanliness and hand hygiene in all the facilities where the key issue is the safety of staff and customers. The main purpose of dispensers is to limit the use of hands and our solution allows the disinfectant to be dispensed by pressing the lever with an elbow or a foot. To ensure durability and aesthetics of dispensers, the devices are made of stainless steel. The geometric form, fixed and mobile models and details increasing the functionality of the devices enable them to be used in any place needed.
MAG’s line of dispensers includes devices adapted to the size of the
object and the expected intensity of use.

Each store, office, gas station or gastronomic
point will find a dispenser suitable for its needs.


· Available in 4 models
· Durable, solid construction made of stainless steel
· Aesthetic and modern design
· No need for electricity or battery power
· Hands-free operation (foot or elbow-operated, depending on a model) eliminates the
risk of bacterial / viral / fungal transmissions
· Simple for maintaining good hygiene and disinfection
· Ideal for retail chains, gas stations, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, clinics, pharmacies,
medical institutions, bakeries, offices, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, small
shops, restaurants, cafes, airports, trains…
· Easy to fill with disinfectant and for maintenance
· Available in just a few days
· No minimum order quantity
· Discounts for large orders