About the Medical Accessories Group

MAG is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of healthcare and medical equipment.

We hold an extensive range of healthcare supplies and medical equipment available within 24-48 hours within the UK, everything from blood pressure monitors, infa-red non contact thermometers and ultrasound scanners, syringes, PPE equipment as well as nuclear medicine and much more.

In addition to the supply of equipment we also offer Sterile Linen Services, Medical Records Management and Clinical Waste Control.

With offices in London, The Midlands and Wales our dedicated staff can be with you anywhere in the UK at a minute’s notice. We aim to be your entire solution when sourcing any form of medical equipment or service. For international enquiries and all medicinal requirements please call us directly on 0203 1678 700.

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Sterile Linen Management

Linen management plays a great role in patient satisfaction. Clean linen does not need to be sterile…

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Medical Records Management

It is the art and science of managing all information relating to the operation of a Healthcare Practice…

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Clinical Waste Management

We reduce the potential risk to humans and the environment in accordance with legal regulations…

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