Medical Records Management

When it comes to implementing one-time, periodic or on-going projects, MAG’s medical record management professionals have the expertise you need. The project team acts as a seamless extension of your organisation and can manage the projects from start to finish, allowing your staff to better manage their time and resources.

If you have specialized storage needs, such as preserving larger volumes of records or materials that require special environmental controls, MAG can design and create a customized vault to meet your specifications.

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Inventory Relocation Services

Our specialists can purge, pack and provide point-to-point transfer of carton and files from your facility to Medical Accessories Group Record Centres. We can pack your records into standard Medical Accessories Group RFID-ready storage cartons and collect metadata to describe box contents with an option to individually list each file in the carton.

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Office Consolidations/ Relocations

You can improve processes by freeing up valuable space that is currently occupied with file rooms and records storage. Medical Accessories Group can assist by helping you identify the records that can be relocated to a Medical Accessories Group facility.

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Inventory Audit Services

It is important to know what inventory you have so that you can respond to discovery or other events. Medical Accessories Group Audit Services provides dedicated space in our Records Centres for conducting audits. Along with space, we can help inventory your cartons, prepare files and provide support for material handling.

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File Indexing

Medical Accessories Group data entry team can capture file-specific descriptions to help manage your inventory at the file-level.

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Transmittal Preparation for Cartons

We can review carton contents and capture associated metadata. This information makes it easier for you to find the documents you need, when you need them.

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Document Recovery Services

Medical Accessories Group can clean and restore information assets that have been damaged by natural and man-made disasters, contaminants, dust, mould, water or animal infestation through our specialist partners.

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Open Shelf Consolidations

Without regularly scheduled purging and shifting, your file room will quickly outgrow capacity. MAG’s project team can perform selective purges to ensure your program remains up-to-date.